Gold prices in Jordan Today Wednesday 23 August 2023

stocks news_Gold prices in Jordan opened at JOD 1,347.475 per ounce today, Wednesday, August 23, 09:25 a.m., not including taxes and fees.

24-karat gold rates in Amman on Wednesday

The price per gram of 24-karat gold in Jordan stood at JOD 43.322 at 09:25 a.m. today, Wednesday.

22-karat gold prices in Jordan on Wednesday

The price per gram of 22-karat gold in Jordan stood at JOD 39.712 early today.

21-karat gold prices in Amman on Wednesday

The price per gram of 21-karat gold in Amman stood at JOD 37.907 with the start of business today, Wednesday.

18-karat gold rates in Jordan on Wednesday

Gold taxes and fees in Jordan

Gold in Jordan is subject to various taxes and fees, depending on the source of the gold. For example, locally sourced gold is subject to a branding fee ranging from JOD 0.25 per gram to JOD 0.4 per gram, and is exempt from taxation. However, imported gold is subject a JOD 0.7 branding fee per gram.

As for taxation, it depends on where the gold is sourced from.

Gold imported from Arab League area is exempt from taxation. Whereas gold imported from countries with whom Jordan does not have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed is subject to a 10 percent tax.

International gold prices on Wednesday

Globally, the price per ounce of gold opened at JOD 1347.64 ($1903.18) today as reported by

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