Fresh produce prices in central market Wednesday

STOCKS NEWS_Wednesday, the Fruits and Vegetables Central Wholesale Market announced the latest prices of fresh produce.

According to the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), the market received a total of 2,938 tons of fresh produce including 1,886 tons of vegetables, 920 tons of fruits 131 tons of leafy greens.

According to the market’s latest price list (per kilogram):

Eggplants: 15-25 piasters
Broccoli: 150-250 piasters
Onions: 15-35 piasters
Potatoes: 30-55 piasters
Watermelon: 20-30 piasters
Tomatoes: 10-25 piasters
Garlic: 60-130 piasters
Carrots: 50-65 piasters
Cucumbers: 20-35 piasters
Cauliflower: 35-75 piasters
Mushrooms: 400-450 piasters
Avocado: 130-140 piasters
Apples: 50-100 piasters
Pomegranate: 50-100 piasters
Lemons: 60-80 piasters
Bananas: 50-75 piasters
Lettuce: 15-25 piasters

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